Annual Meetings 2015

The Annual Vestry Meeting and Annual Parochial Church Meeting took place on 21st April.

Val Withams and Mike O’Farrell were elected as Churchwardens.

The following members were elected to the PCC: Helen Clark, Linsey Darby, Martyn Green, Philippa Howells, Chris Nickless, Graeme Petrie-Brown, Sue O’Farrell, Adey Varley.

Ken Harratt and Helen Biggerstaff were elected as Deanery Synod members. They join Sally Clark, Brenda Harris and Wendy Harris. All are ex officio members of the PCC.

Treasurer Laurence Clarks’ financial report is available here.

Carolyn’s report on the Mission Action Plan is available here. The Mission Action plan is available here.