Work party at Ballinger

Friday morning came and with it the sun, thank heavens after all that rain of the past couple of weeks. We assembled up at St Mary's under the orders of Anne. She and Elizabeth restained the porch and the wood at the back of the Church, Pip Glyn Jones washed all the windows outside the Vestry, Judy cut back the shrubs at the back to recreate our old compost heap and then proceeded to move all the old grass from under the holly tree, Christopher GJ and Maggi concentrated on clearing the moss from the path. That was just the morning! 12.30 came and along came Libby Kendrick to polish the pews and at 1 pm Elaine turned up to do a wonderful job spring cleaning the kitchen and loo. The afternoon was then spent with Maggi painting outside windowsills and Anne doing the flower beds and and cutting the grass, This is only part 1, next Friday is the inside and who knows what will happen then so watch this space!

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Work party 1 Work party 2 Work party 3 Work party 4 Work party 5