Festival of Interests

So we 'Keep in Touch' we’re planning to arrange more talks as part of the Festival of Interests and we've added Inspiring Buildings.

When you have traveled internationally, nationally and locally - what buildings have inspired you? David has had several contributions to the Inspiring Buildings Festival Topic which is trying to keep us all in touch. But how about one from you? So far we've had very distant ones: Afghanistan, Peru and Denmark, but local ones might be interesting too - Amersham, Wendover, Aylesbury.....?

If you'd like to nominate a building, either send David a few of your pictures or let him know which building you are thinking of and some shots can be found on the web, together with a short description of why it has meant something to you.  You can see entries to date on Facebook and our Website.  Also let's get the conversations going: what about commenting on Facebook where you can see all the entries.
Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for details.

If you have something you’d like to contribute or suggest, please get in touch with David (868 237 or david.m.harris@btinternet.com).

To see what's happening and what we did in the Autumn Festival click here