Neta Foote

Childhood Friend

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During lockdown I rang an old childhood friend. Over the past 40 or so years we have exchanged brief notes at Christmas. Her GP father delivered me! And until my father returned from Burma after the war when I was 4, Frank was a significant male role model in my life. Cass was widowed young and has no children. Imagine my pleasure to rekindle and chat about school hobbies,.....our shared childhood! She sent a snap of herself  riding my pony Magpie at the Rottingdean gymkana, so I did a very rough sketch. Our renewed friendship is a real Lockdown  bonus.

Joy of Painting 

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This acrylic painting is influenced by the Joy of Painting Artist Bob Ross. He died at the young age of 53 in 1995. He made over 30 series of oil paintings, screened all over the world and also trained teachers in his technique. I find great freedom in just starting a blank page with paint and no previous sketching!


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This water colour was done from our holiday cottage garden overlooking the Beaulieu River Memories of a brief respite in restrictions at the end of August.

Post COVID lockdown

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Post COVID lockdown and my "darkest" artwork, maybe subconscious dark sky and cold environment reflected in the lake? Hopefully leading into the warmth and hope within the church.


Jane Coulson 

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