Jane Coulson's banners 

Jane has made banners to be displayed in Church for several years. Here are some examples.

Peace on Earth 

Jane Coulson banner 1 750

Our first Christmas artwork, executed mainly by the children, under supervision, with very messy paint and potato prints and stencils! Their hand prints, dipped into all colours representing different races and cultures around the world, arranged round my painting of the world, symbolising our prayers for peace for all. Being grateful for peace in our land, and celebrating the centenary of the end of WWI.

This was made into a card and sold in aid of "Abrahams' Children in Crisis" to help children in the Middle East.


Easter Banner - Christ with us

Jane Coulson banner 2 750

Here I asked everyone to make a self portrait, adults and children alike. They are cut out and arranged all around the central figure of Jesus, who comes towards us with arms open in welcome greeting. I wanted to make his figure very real looking and "present" with us, and layered tissue and impasto acrylic paint to make it really stand out, It is a very joyous piece and has borders of (potato printed) pink and white cherry blossom at each side, with bright yellow letters at the top and bottom cut out of coloured card.

The Starlight banner

Jane Coulson banner 3 750

The image is of children gazing across millennia towards the town of Bethlehem where we see the tiny lit stable scene of the Nativity. The stars above are the same ones as shone then, apart from the Star of Bethlehem. Jesus is the same then, today and forever.
We had a riotous afternoon with very excited children, sticking on hundreds of tiny stars onto my sponge painted sky, while other children stood still in front of a light source while I drew around their outlines in the "starlight room" to make their silhouettes, which were then layered in three colours and sponge painted to make them look backlit. 

The Nativity scene was cut from a Christmas card, surrounded by a collage of tiny painted houses on the hillside.

We printed this to make cards sold in aid of the Starlight Children's Foundation (UK) to help seriously ill children in hospital and hospices by providing toys, and games and other things to light up their lives.


Christ the Redeemer - our Easter banner 2020

Jane Coulson banner 4 750

A very different banner from last Easter. Strangely enough I had this idea long before Covid appeared, but had imagined just a white outline rather than the monochrome statue like figure here, which is inspired by the famous statue in Rio. I had originally thought the paper world mosaic would be made by everyone together, however.....!! I made this in two sections as it is the largest piece so far - 8' x 4'6" and very heavy. The most difficult part of course, was the head and face of Christ - there are many many layers of impasto paint as I struggled to make that image of love and compassion in my heart. Eventually I came to a finishing place.......


Neta Foote 

Jo Laurie

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