Jo Laurie 

I have just entered cartoons which have been my passion for  over 10 years since I met and asked Lyndon Mallett if he could teach me to cartoon. He spent many years patiently honing my skills and here are some of the results. Agreed some are from years ago but I have tried to select ones that still resonate today. 

All that Jazz

Jo Laurie 1 750

This was actually from a Jazz Night near Beaconsfield but I was also reminded me of one of the fabulous evenings organised by Ken at the Church.

Blowin’ in the wind

Jo Laurie 2 750

Teas and the various groups prompted this one of a group of saxophonists.

Jo Laurie 3 750

This has never been far from our minds but has been highlighted by the ongoing road works during lockdown.

Into the swing


Jo Laurie 4 750

You may have heard the bells on Monday practice night but the antics in the Belfry remain a secret!


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Brenda Harris

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