Jo Laurie's Limericks 

LL 1 Jo Laurie 750

There was a young pheasant called Claude
Who found he was dreadfully bored,
With few cars to be dodged
And risk being splodged,
T’was a mystery that had him quite floored

LL 2 Jo Laurie 750

Kitty hung in the tree in self-isolation,
With no hope of help from the local fire station.
The birds took delight,
In seeing her plight,
Much to poor Kitty’s frustration.

LL 3 Jo Laurie 750

There was a signwriter called Bob,
Who found himself out of a job.
So to keep his hand in,
He’d walk with his tin,
Raise a smile where there’d just been a sob.

LL 4 Jo Laurie 750

An elderly pheasant sat down in the heather,
To look at the sky and contemplate whether,
Having not heard a shot,
He’d been saved from the pot,
A rather nice thought altogether.



Sue O'Farrell 

 Liz Nickless

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