Art Week - Your Art 

Liz Nickless - passing the time

Liz IMG 2266 7 small
Patchwork sewn by hand and lace making is keeping me occupied

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Sue and Richard Hawkins - candle for Advent

Sue H 300
Sue wanted something to hold a candle in the window for Advent. We didn’t like anything in the catalogue. We had spare wood left by the workmen last winter.


Harriet Lemon - visit to The Mission in San Francisco

Harriet 5 images 300
I took these photographs in The Mission in San Francisco in July 2019 when I was treated to a week away with my Mum and Sister by our Mum. The Mission District is a virtual outdoor art gallery full of vibrant murals. Throughout the neighbourhood, hundreds of walls and fences are adorned with colourful works of art featuring themes ranging from cultural heritage to social political statements, each pictures tells a different story. And next time I go, I hope, they will all be different!! They remind me of our lovely week, being able to travel but also that art is not confined to a piece of paper or canvas.

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Martyn Green - The Gary Oldman film "Immortal Beloved."

Immortal Beloved cover 200
The film is about Beethoven. The music is sublime, particularly the moving slow movement of his 5th Piano Concerto. This wends it’s way through the film, which looks back with some poignancy from after his death through the eyes of his Executor. It is very moving as that slow movement is sublime, and also covers Beethoven’s increasing deafness with the soundtrack warped to reflect that.

As a cricket lover, there is also the apocryphal story of Keith Miller, the Aussie Cricketer who was in the RAF, breaking formation from a raid to fly over Beethoven’s birthplace and waggle his wings, much to the Squadron Leader’s chagrin.

There's an extract of the film on YouTube - click here or on the image to see it.