Useful Contacts

If you would like to get in touch with any of the Staff Team, who would be happy to help you, please do it through our Parish Office Manager, Harriet Lemon, contact details are on the Contact Us page.

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           Tricia Neale                      Brenda Harris                    Guy Priestley                    David Harris
  Parish Lay Preacher           Worship Admin           Team Heads Liaison      PCC Secretary & Chair

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             Sally Clark                      Mike O'Farrell                    Martyn Green                    Sue O'Farrell
          Fabric Admin                         Finance                                  Finance                                Volunteers
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       Harriet Lemon                    Val Withams                           Wendy Harris
      Office Manager         Vacancy Co-Ordinator              Music Director                                                    

During the Interregnum the Parish will be supported by this team of people alongside the Associate Wardens at Ballinger and Little Hampden, the Deputy Wardens at Great Missenden, and the existing army of volunteers.

David covers the role of Chair as well as PCC Secretary.  Mike O’Farrell, Val Withams, Guy Priestley, Martyn Green and Harriet Lemon will support him with the co-ordination of the parish and leading day-to-day activities for the months until a replacement vicar is identified and takes the reins. They will try to replicate the ‘staff team’.

With so many volunteers already helping with church operation a slightly wider group has volunteered to be available to feedback any thoughts and queries that volunteers may have, to act as a safety net and minimise duplication of workload.

Parish activities have been divided into six teams, each with a volunteer administrator, namely:
Worship : Brenda Harris
Services across all three Churches, Junior Church, Prayers.
Pastoral care will continue in the good hands of Tricia Neale and her team.  Tricia will still be with us and will continue with the her love and commitment to Little Hampden and the house groups, along with being a source of all knowledge.
Music:  Administrator: Wendy Harris
Choir, Music for Services and Celebrations, Bellringers.

Finance:  Administrator: Mike O’Farrell 
Volunteers: Administrator: Sue O’Farrell
Cream teas, Flowers, Cleaning, Coffee, Home Groups, Hospital/Home Visiting.

Fabric: Administrator: Sally Clark
Churchyard, Church, Maintenance, Insurance, Health and Safety.

PCC:  Chair and Secretary: David Harris
Running of the Church, Office, Deanery, Charities, Talks and Events, Associate and Deputy Wardens.

Vacancy Co-Ordinator: Val Withams
Managing the process for the appointment of a new priest, which is already underway.