Keeping in contact 

Here are some hints and tips for keeping in contact with our friends, families and communities.

If you're helping or being helped beyond friends and family, you may find helpful these seven principles for staying safe from our friends at Holy Trinity Prestwood.

Phone calls are obviously valuable - and maybe if we schedule them at the end of the previous one, they will bring even more comfort?

Letters and cards are great - they're personal, they show you care, and you've got them long after they arrive.  

Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Whereby and others all offer video calls over the internet using a microphone and/or camera on a smartphone, tablet or other device.  They all have free options and some allow you to connect multiple people using email addresses and/or phone numbers. The BBC has produced a helpful step by step guide to video calling.

Facebook and other social networks can be a good way of staying in touch. We have written an introduction to joining Facebook and its principles.