St. Peter and St Paul Church is officially an A Rocha Eco church with a Silver Award.  A plaque with this award, made from an old recycled church pew with a hand painted inscription is displayed in the porch as you enter the church.

This month (May) is officially “No Mow May” so please leave your mowers in the shed and let all the Pollinators have a treat collecting nectar from your wildflowers.
Eco Plaque (2)
Wildflower seeds sown last autumn by the Great Missenden School Eco-warrior children and Church volunteers have germinated and are coming into flower.  Now that areas of the churchyard are being left un-mown, there is a good selection of new wildflowers emerging, producing much needed pollen for bees and other insects.

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We have installed bug hotel in the churchyard called St. Beetle & St. Crawl.

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We use Eco Leaf cleaning products and Bumboo toilet paper has proved to be successful.
Junior Church managed the toilet-twining project challenge. Going to the loo is something we all take for granted in this country but not so in underdeveloped countries.  Through all their efforts they have twinned all the toilet in the Church, the Church hall and Parish Office, rising much needed funds.

 Toilet Twinning Office (2)